Logical volume creation


param "device" {
  default = "/dev/loop0"

lvm.volumegroup "vg-test" {
  name    = "test"
  devices = ["{{ param `device` }}"]

lvm.logicalvolume "lv-test" {
  group   = "test"
  name    = "test"
  size    = "1G"
  depends = [""]

filesystem "mnt-me" {
  device  = "/dev/mapper/test-test"
  mount   = "/mnt"
  fstype  = "ext3"
  depends = [""]


Here are the HCL fields that you can specify, along with their expected types and restrictions:

  • group (required string)

Group where volume will be created

  • name (required string)

Name of volume, which will be created

  • size (required string)

Size of volume. Can be relative or absolute. Relative size set in forms like 100%FREE (words after percent sign can be FREE, VG, PV) Absolute size specified with suffix BbKkMmGgTtPp, upper case suffix mean S.I. sizes (power of 10), lower case mean powers of 1024. Also special suffixes Ss, which mean sectors. Refer to LVM manpages for details.