Directory makes sure a directory is present on disk


# will create or ensure a directory is present "hello" {
  destination = "hello"

# it can also accept a "create_all" parameter to do the equivalent of "mkdir -p" "deeper" {
  destination = "deeper/a/b/c"
  create_all  = true


Here are the HCL fields that you can specify, along with their expected types and restrictions:

  • destination (required string)

the location on disk to make the directory

  • create_all (bool)

whether or not to create all parent directories on the way up

Exported Fields

Here are the fields that are exported for use with ‘lookup’. Re-exported fields will have their own fields exported under the re-exported namespace.

  • destination (string)

directory path

  • createall (bool)

if true, directories will be created recursively