Release Date

2017-03-02 0.6.0

Supported Platforms

With this release, Converge no longer supports freebsd and solaris.


This release includes new systemd and unarchive capabilities, improvements to the user resource, and generators for man pages and bash autocomplete.

Module Improvements


Support for controlling systemd services has been added via #602.

systemd.unit.state "ssh" {
  unit  = "ssh.service"
  state = "running"


Managing several archive formats such as zip and tar.gz is available through unarchive support in #592.

unarchive "consul.zip" {
  source      = "/tmp/consul.zip"
  destination = "/tmp/consul"


A user can now be enabled or disabled with the addition of #581.

Additionally, there are updates to the diffs presented for user with #584 and #588.

Usablilty Enhancements

Module Author Improvement

A new helper method has been added to for use with resource.Status. RaiseLevelForDiffs will raise the status level to StatusWillChange if any differences exist via #587.

Various Generators

Generators for man pages and bash autocompletion have been added via #571.


See the Converge changelog for additional details on the 0.6.0 release.


We provide support via the Converge Slack and through GitHub Issues.