Release Date



  • Set environments for shell commands
  • Support for Docker Containers and Images
  • Support for creating & deleting unix users and groups
  • RPC using grpc.io
  • Expose basic platform information via the platform module

Bug Fixes

This releases fixes several race condition (#266) and ordering (#254) bugs that would cause Converge to error out of otherwise valid executions.

If you’ve been trying to use boolean values in your params, you’re in luck. That works now! (#251)

Internally, beta 2 simplifies how check and apply interact (#240) and shrinks the Status interface (#237). Documentation for module authors will be updated by the final release of Converge 0.2.0.

Lastly, logging was quite a bit too chatty about the stages Converge goes through when loading and executing a graph. This release scales logging back a bit (#248).


We have new examples for Docker Swarm mode (#267) and the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack (#272). They’re located in the examples/ directory of the source, and are intended to be standalone end-to-end examples.


We started using Code Climate for linting in this release. We have a 4.0 (such good students.) You can view our score using Code Climate’s web interface or by clicking the badge in the README.


We provide support via the Converge Slack team and through GitHub issues