converge healthcheck

converge healthcheck

display a system health check


Health checks determine the health status of your system. Health checks are similar to ‘plan’ but will not calculate potential deltas, and will not display healthy checks.

converge healthcheck


      --ca-file string      CA certificate to trust
      --cert-file string    certificate file for SSL
      --key-file string     key file for SSL
      --local               self host RPC
      --local-addr string   address for local RPC connection (default ":47740")
      --no-token            don't use or generate an RPC token
  -p, --params value        parameters for the top-level module in key=value format (default [])
      --paramsJSON string   parameters for the top-level module, in JSON format (default "{}")
      --quiet               show only a short summary of the status
      --rpc-addr string     address for RPC connection (default ":4774")
      --rpc-token string    token for RPC
      --use-ssl             use SSL for connections
      --verify-modules      verify module signatures

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string      config file (default is /etc/converge/config.yaml)
  -l, --log-level string   log level, one of debug, info, warning, error, or fatal (default "INFO")
  -n, --nocolor            force colorless output


  • converge - converge applies changes to systems over a graph
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