converge graph

converge graph

graph the execution of a module


graphing is a convenient way to visualize how your graph and dependencies are structured.

You can pipe the output directly to the ‘dot’ command, for example:

    converge graph myFile.hcl | dot -Tpng -o myFile.png
converge graph


      --ca-file string      CA certificate to trust
      --cert-file string    certificate file for SSL
      --key-file string     key file for SSL
      --local               self host RPC
      --local-addr string   address for local RPC connection (default ":47740")
      --no-token            don't use or generate an RPC token
  -p, --params value        parameters for the top-level module in key=value format (default [])
      --paramsJSON string   parameters for the top-level module, in JSON format (default "{}")
      --rpc-addr string     address for RPC connection (default ":4774")
      --rpc-token string    token for RPC
      --show-params         also graph param dependencies
      --use-ssl             use SSL for connections

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string      config file (default is /etc/converge/config.yaml)
  -l, --log-level string   log level, one of debug, info, warning, error, or fatal (default "INFO")
  -n, --nocolor            force colorless output


  • converge - converge applies changes to systems over a graph
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